Your Healthy Grapefruit Drink

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grapefruit8.jpgAre you looking for a fat free, cholesterol free and low sodium treat that tastes good and will be fulfilling? Why not try a grapefruit drink? Not only does it meet all three of the above criteria, it also provides you a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for you're your body to benefit from as well! Grapefruit drinks can include any puree, concentrate, juice or mix of juices that you find in your store, and yes, the salty dog or greyhound in your local bar for happy hour counts a little too if you do not drink excessively. So why not change it up from your daily glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee and include a glass of a grapefruit drink.

Everyone knows that the citrus family offers a substantial amount of your daily intake of Vitamin C, and it is for this that most people will eat some tangerines, have some orange segments or have a grapefruit drink. The best part about the citrus family is that it also has so many other hidden gems in each fruit. For example grapefruit also has properties that help facilitation the metabolic process giving it its special place in the diet world. Not only does it help with the digestive track, with its dietary fiber and alkaline effect during the digestive process, it also helps aid the lymphatic system rid the body of toxins and excess retained water. This is why the 'grapefruit diet' has been a popular jumping off point for dieters around the world for at least 75 years. That grapefruit drink you reach for is also certainly tastier then the cotton ball diet and certainly more tasty and healthy then pretty much any other diet you will find.

Grapefruit and grapefruit drinks have also been known to aid with chronic fatigue as well as help with insomnia. Your grapefruit drink can also help you control your cholesterol and clean your arteries and digestive track. As many people know the high concentrations of vitamin C help ward off and fight off the common cold and the flu as well as bring fevers down! Who would have thought by having a simple sip of a grapefruit drink you would be aiding your entire body to health.

But be careful if you are taking psychotropic medications if you are going to be having a daily grapefruit drink. There are side effects that can occur as the grapefruit mixed with the medications can inhibit the enzymes to breakdown the medicine properly which can be toxic to the body. It is always important to follow your doctor's advice when taking a prescription medicine with regards to any food or drink restrictions. If you do not take prescription medicines, this is not an issue for you so sip away!

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