When Are Peaches in Season

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Is there anything as pretty or lusciously delectable as a peach? Probably none, and absolutely not during the peach season!

What is the history of Peaches?

Georgia’s peach trade has a long history and tradition. Here are some things you may not know about this sumptuous fruit.

  • Originally rooted from China, peaches were first planted in Georgia in the eighteenth century and were first commercially introduced in mid nineteenth century; although it was decades after the Civil war that Georgia earned the appellation “The Peach State.”
  • The peach industry in the state of Georgia is mainly concentrated in Taylor, Crawford, Peach and Macon where it is far enough north to enjoy adequate winter chilling yet far enough south to escape late frost that guarantees early harvest dates.
  • Because of the varied climates and range of regions from subtropical to mountainous, Georgia produces the best tasting peaches.

When Is Peach Season?

But when really is this lush fruit in season?

Georgia peaches are in season in summer; in short it is almost here. Soon anywhere you go in Georgia, you will see signs of freshly picked peaches, peach cobbler and preserves. Also, since peaches are a summertime staple, the Fourth of July is not a success if peach pie is not served.

The fuzzy, succulent and pleasingly-sweet fragrant Georgia peach is produced for 16-18 weeks annually, with ripening dates starting in mid-May until mid-August. During the first part of the peach season, Clingstone Peaches – variety of peach where the flesh clings to the stone or pit
making it hard to remove – are produced. After Clingstone Peaches are harvested, Semi-Clingstone Peaches then becomes ripe and ready for harvesting; and finally, Freestone peaches are collected. Unlike Clingstone, Freestone Peaches have flesh that separates easily from the pit
making it relatively easy to pull out once the fruit is cut in half.



Time of Harvest


Falvorich May 12-20
Carored May 28-30
Springprince May 18-30
Goldprince May 20-June 1


Rubyprince June 1-10
Sureprince June 8-20
Juneprince June 8-20


Harvester June 10-25
Fireprince June 19-20
Scarletprince June 25-July 5
Majestic June 20-July 10
Red Globe June 26-July 10
Julyprince July 1-20
Messina July 8-20
Sunprince July 10-30
Summerlady July 15-30
Early Augustprince July 20-August 1
O’Henry August 1-15
Flameprince August 1-15

In this part of the south peaches are hand-picked and checked carefully so you can be sure that whether you buy peaches from a stand or order peaches online, they are of premium quality. For those who are planning to order Georgia peaches either for themselves or as peaches gifts for friends or family, rest assured that workers from the south takes extra good care of the peaches to avoid bruising. We only ship Georgia peaches that are in excellent condition.

Are Peaches Healthy?

What’s great when you buy peach is that you don’t just get to enjoy its great taste and aroma; it is also good for your health.

  • Peach contains numerous important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, high dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • It is also a good source of thiamin, vitamin B-6, riboflavin and pantothenic acid.
  • Peaches also contain low calorie, has insignificant amount of fat, cholesterol and sodium, making it a great choice for those managing their weights.
  • It also has antioxidants that helps prevent cancer and reduce body inflammation that may cause diabetes and heart disease.

So, remember that when you shop peach or send peach gift, you are not just doing it to make yummy appetizers or prepare scrumptious desserts; you are also getting it for its nutritional value.

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