What You Need to Know about the Grapefruit Juice Diet

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If being overweight is the new normal, why do so many of us go on diets? That most of us weight too much, or at least more than we did in the past, is indisputable. According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC), two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese–which is double the rate in 1980. The average U.S. citizen is now 24 pounds heavier than most medical professionals say he/she should be. But why should we be slimmer?

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As incredible as it may sound, obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death in America, ahead of smoking! It has been linked with greater risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and certain types of cancer. That, along with aesthetic concerns, is why dieting is more popular than ever!

Dieting History

Long before dieting became a multibillion-dollar industry, people had diet secrets they shared with each other. The most popular secrets became diet fads that spread across the nation through word of mouth. One of these was the so-called Grapefruit Diet plan.

What was it?

Also known as the Hollywood Diet because actresses used it, the Grapefruit Plan was one of the very first fad diets. Introduced in 1930, it promised quick, painless weight loss with the help of a little-known ingredient. At that time, grapefruits were fairly exotic, hard-to-find fruits. You couldn't simply stop at your local supermarket and buy a bushel of them. But those with means could find them, which is why the diet gained a loyal following among the rich and famous.

Does it work?

Although it has been around for over eighty years, some folks still question the safety and efficacy of the Grapefruit Juice Diet plan. The reason? First and most importantly, it is a very strict diet that limits caloric consumption to just 800 to 1,200 calories per day. Secondly, it can be quite boring, since you have to eat or drink grapefruit with each and every meal. With that said, there is evidence that ingesting the healthy citrus fruit actually helps curb your appetite.

Those who swear by the popular diet maintain that they consistently eat less at major meals because they don't feel as hungry after they eat half a grapefruit or imbibe a glass of its juice. Researchers don't know exactly why grapefruit seems to act as an appetite suppressant, but that is what they've observed.

Safety concerns

As with any diet, you should always consult your personal physician before you begin the Grapefruit Juice Diet plan. Of particular concern are the caloric restrictions, which are entirely unsuitable for pregnant women or those with certain health conditions. You will also want to ask your doctor about possible drug interactions, since grapefruit and its juice has be linked to such problems.

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