What is in Your Grapefruit Drink?

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grapefruit12.jpgYour favorite grapefruit drink has more nutritional value then you probably think. Did you know that not only does grapefruit act as an excellent source of vitamin C, but it also supplies a significant portion of your vitamins A, B complex, E and K. You will also be getting folic acid, potassium, phosphorus and a large amount of calcium from your delicious grapefruit drink along with an assortment of cancer fighting phytonutrients such as flavonoids and lycopene.

But in reality, why do we need all these nutrients? Here is a short breakdown of why your grapefruit drink is so important for your body.

Vitamin A is essential in keeping skin and mucous membrane cells healthy and resistant to bacteria and viruses as well as essential in treating deficiencies both preventatively and therapeutically. Vitamin A is particularly helpful in staving off viruses and for those that have high vitamin A levels, they are less susceptible to strokes. Mother nature knows this and supplies us with vitamin A in the fruits and vegetables we eat, including in your delicious grapefruit drink.

Vitamin B complex is talked about all the time but few really know the reasons behind it. Vitamin B complex which is found in your grapefruit drink is essential in energy production, good digestion, nervous system function and the production of healthy skin, hair and nails. The later also needs vitamin E, another vitamin that is found in your grapefruit drink! This is because vitamin E is a natural antioxidant. This is why you will find this ingredient in nearly all of your anti-aging skin products as well as scar reducing creams. Another benefit of vitamin A is that it helps regulate vitamin A within the body, making grapefruit drinks a balanced way to go! Vitamin K is also present in your grapefruit drink. This vitamin helps in the coagulation of blood and essential for blood health. If vitamin K deficient patients suffer from hemorrhages and poor bone density as vitamin K is similar to the glue that helps bind calcium in the bones, which is also found in grapefruit.

To think that this is only the benefits of the most concentrated vitamins found in grapefruit. Phytonutrients found in grapefruit are known to fight off cancer through riding the body of free radicals while minerals such as potassium aid in improving blood health and then there is the phosphorus which also helps with bone and digestive health.

Your grapefruit drink helps not only your skin, your bones and your blood, it also helps prevent and fight off diseases. This is a perfect reason to say bottoms up next time you have a glass of your favorite grapefruit juice or mix of juices.

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