What is Grapefruit Fiber?

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grapefruit9.jpgIf somebody were to ask you what first pops into your mind when they say the word 'fiber' you may say a lot of things. Perhaps wheat, bread, or other carbohydrates come to mind. Very rarely, if ever, would someone say grapefruit or grapefruit fiber.

Why is it that grapefruit is not thought of as having fiber? Perhaps because it is such a juicy fruit, made up largely of water and does not have what we traditionally think of as fibrous. But this delicious citrus fruit is a nutritional powerhouse full of Vitamin C and what is called grapefruit fiber or grapefruit pectin.

Grapefruit fiber is found in the individual segments and the walls that separate the individual segments. In fact, most of the grapefruit fiber is in those walls. Not the white peel or the rind, but the skin surrounding each individual piece. So basically, you have to eat your grapefruit like you would an orange–peeled and with the skin on, to get the full benefits of grapefruit fiber.

The difference in the amount of grapefruit fiber when you eat the skin versus not is fairly staggering. You will get six grams of grapefruit fiber from just half of a grapefruit when you eat the entire thing. Completely separating the juicy bits of the grapefruit from the skin means only two grams of grapefruit fiber. Now, this is still a lot, but not nearly as much as you could be getting if you would eat the surrounding skin as well.

Whether you choose to eat just the juicy flesh or the surrounding walls, the grapefruit fiber amount in just half a grapefruit is still great compared to other fruits. For example, an entire banana will have four grams and a whole apple will have five. Half a grapefruit has more grapefruit fiber than both of these.

There is one important thing that must be pointed out here regarding grapefruit and grapefruit fiber. Many people love the health benefits of grapefruit, but prefer to get it through grapefruit juice because this is quicker and easier than peeling and segmenting a grapefruit. Unfortunately for those people though, there is zero grapefruit fiber in a glass of grapefruit juice. Yes, you will still get the benefits of the Vitamin C and other nutrients and vitamins in the grapefruit, but you will get no grapefruit fiber at all. This is vital information to have before you go off deciding to buy products to include grapefruit fiber in your daily diet. There are some powdered health supplements and even pills and capsules that you can take by mouth. These are fine for incorporating grapefruit fiber into your diet. Just make sure you skip the juice.

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