Ways to Eat Grapefruit for Fiber

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Few fruits are as hard to eat as the grapefruit. For one thing, it is not a hand fruit like the apple or the orange, so it cannot be consumed without utensils. And unlike the peach or the pear, its skin is inedible. There are even grapefruit spoons, knifes, and scoopers to help people consume the popular fruit. But if you eat the grapefruit meticulously, obeying the rules of etiquette, you will miss out on its many its health benefits.

The grapefruit has been a popular diet food for decades. It was responsible for America’s first diet fad, the Grapefruit Diet, which was practiced by millions during the 1970s. But few people know why the grapefruit has been singled out and proclaimed the healthiest food on the planet numerous times.

One obvious explanation is that it is an excellent source of dietary fiber. While most fresh fruits have two or three grams of fiber, the grapefruit has six. Fiber is important because it is a natural laxative that helps cleanse the digestive system by promoting regular bowel movements. That’s right! It helps you go to the toilet.

Since dietary fiber is mostly insoluble, it passes through our bodies and comes out the other end. This process, while difficult to discuss in polite company, is absolutely necessary and can help keep us healthy. Studies have shown that people who adhere to high fiber diets can significantly lower their risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

Dietary fiber is particularly important for men, who suffer from much higher rates of colon cancer than women. Fiber may also reduce a man’s risk of prostate cancer, which is why doctors often recommend high fiber diets to men over the age of 50.

What does this all have to do with ways to eat grapefruit? We’re glad you asked! You see, if you eat grapefruit segments with a spoon and discard the rind, you will not get the full health benefits of fiber. To get to the fiber, you will have to consume the chewy walls that separate each of the segments. This means ditching the serrated spoon and cutting out the walls with a knife.

We know what you’re thinking, but they really aren’t that bad. Sure, they might be a bit tough at first, but the grapefruit walls actually have a lot of flavor. Sprinkle a bit of sugar on them and they taste a lot like a piece of sweet and sour jerky.

With just seventy calories, the average serving has six full grams of fiber, provided you follow our ways to eat grapefruit. We suggest that you start slow with a few grapefruit walls each morning and then try to finish them all after a week or two. Your jaw might get a bit tired at first, but the fiber will improve your health, which is what’s most important.

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