Use Grapefruit Essential Oil for your Ailments

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Grapefruit essential oil is a necessary component of any naturalists’ bag of goodies. For those who do not like the flavor of the fruit it is a great alternative to reap the benefits of this power house fruit without having to deal with the bitter and sharp flavor. But why would you use grapefruit essential oil and what is it exactly? Here is a brief run down of why grapefruit essential oil is such an important element of the lives of those who believe in natural remedies and homeopathic methods and how exactly it works if you decide to purchase it.

In brief you should try using grapefruit essential oil topically, orally or through aromatherapy if you are stressed, have abrasions on your skin or even if you are having digestive problems. It is that well rounded of a product that it holds anti depressant qualities as well as anti septic and disinfectant uses. Grapefruit essential oil can all be used as a stimulant and aid to the lymphatic system, excretory system, metabolism and gastric system, as well as the nervous system. This power house oil is a necessity in your home- but how would you use it and where does it come from?

First and foremost the grapefruit or shaddock fruit is harvested from citrus orchards and selected for the compression process necessary to withdrawal the pure concentrate of grapefruit essential oil. From here this small amount of oil is mixed with stabilizers that will ensure better shelf life when sold. These agents can be all natural and other companies choose not to go this route, this is where you will need to do the research to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. From here the manufacturer will either sell the oils as is to massage consumers and aromatherapy distributors. Or they will sell the grapefruit essential oil to companies looking to include the fragrance in their perfumes, lotions, washes and hair products. This is one of the many ways you are constantly exposed to grapefruit essential oil without even knowing it! In the first instance, homeopaths, masseuses and naturalists utilize this oil in a variety of manners to help heal the ailments of their clientele as per the many reliefs it offers as stated above. Depending on the severity of the problem they will provide you a oral regiment, request you use it via aromatherapy and diffusers or they will apply it topically in combination with other oils and creams to dilute the concentration, which also has an inevitable element of aromatherapy. Whatever you do, if you choose to buy the concentrate on your own, be sure to use the appropriate materials to dilute the essential oil so you do not irritate the skin or cause stomach discomfort.


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