Tips for Making Grapefruit Compote

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grapefruit19.jpgGrapefruit compote is a delicious warm breakfast treat that can also be eaten as dessert. It's wonderful when spread on toast, waffles or pancakes and has a lower sugar content than many jams and jellies. Compote is a universal dish that can be found in almost every culture around the world. In countries where chocolate is rare desserts made of fruit boiled with sugar, which is essentially what compote is, are considered to be any everyday treat. Once you get the hang of making a compote you'll find yourself making them all the time because they are easy, delicious, and a great way to use seasonal fruit in a warm and hearty way. If you're not used to make compote here are some tips from expert chefs that will help you make fantastic tasting compote even if you're never made grapefruit compote before:

Always use fresh grapefruit – When you're making grapefruit or citrus fruit compote it's important to use fresh fruit. Sometimes you can use frozen berries in a berry compote but when it comes to citrus fruit you simply can't replace the refreshing flavor of fresh grapefruit and fresh oranges. Try mixing several different types of grapefruit or mixing in tangerines or oranges with the grapefruit to create an exotic taste. Make sure that the juice you use is fresh too.

Start with a simple syrup – Prepare the syrup before you start to boil the fruit into it to make sure the compote has much flavor as possible. Mix grapefruit juice, water, and sugar and boil them into a simple syrup then add the rest of your ingredients. Keep extra grapefruit simple syrup on hand to use for more compote or as the base for other desserts and treats. Simple syrup is easy to make so take the time to prepare some before making the grapefruit compote. It will be noticeable in the final product.

Use vanilla sugar – When you're boiling the grapefruit, sugar and water use vanilla sugar to get a clean, sweet, refreshing taste. Vanilla sugar is expensive to buy, but easy to make. It's a great thing to have in your pantry for making everything from pancakes to cookies. Buy a vanilla pod from a specialty gourmet store or online. They often come in packages of five or ten. They may be a bit pricey but they are worth it. Place a vanilla pod in an airtight container and pour granulated sugar into the container. Seal it, and let it sit. The sugar will absorb the vanilla flavor and become vanilla sugar. You can also grind the pod into a very find powder and mix that into the sugar.

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