The Truth about the Grapefruit Diet Plan

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With the amount of money Americans spend on diets, you'd expect us all to be Olympians. We shell out a mind-boggling $20 billion on diet books, drugs, and plans each year, according to recent data. In spite of this massive investment, most dieters fail miserably time after time. Why then do they still try?

The dieter's dilemma
We've all heard the numbers: Americans are among the fattest people on the planet. Even after experts claimed the obesity epidemic was slowing down, the adult obesity rate rose once again in 2013–from 26.2% to 27.2%. In other words, millions of adults who weren't obese last year are now. What are the next group of borderline obese people supposed to do? Just throw up their hands and shout, “I give up!” Of course not! That's why diets are more popular than ever. It's also why people are looking back in history to a time when Americans were actually slender for answers.
What is the Grapefruit diet Plan?
When we think of the 1930s, we conjure up images of the Great Depression and the war in Europe that would soon envelope the world. What we do not remember, however, is a lot of fat Americans. The fact is, the United States was once a fairly fit nation. Our people were lean and mean and ready for anything the day or the world had to offer. Most folks stayed slim simply by working physical jobs, but others used diets to fight the battle of the bulge. One of the very first fad diets was called the Hollywood or Grapefruit Diet Plan.
Invented in 1930, it was based on the erroneous idea that grapefruits contain a secret fat-burning enzyme. Even so, the diet has maintained a loyal following for over 80 years! How, or more importantly, why? Is there something the experts don't know about the humble grapefruit? Perhaps.
Recent studies
Although it does not actually burn fat or calories, there is compelling evidence that grapefruits can curb our appetite by keeping us fuller for longer. Researchers have no idea why most test subjects eat less when they consume grapefruit before meals, but they do! It is no wonder then that the Grapefruit Diet Plan has managed to remain relevant for so long.
The classic version
In its eighty-plus years of existence, there have been countless versions of the Grapefruit Diet Plan. In addition to consuming half a grapefruit before each and every meal, users must also reduce their caloric intake to at least 1,200 calories a day, sometimes more. However, we would strongly advise you against cutting calories by any more than the standard amount, since it could be hazardous to your health.
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