The Texas Red Grapefruit

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grapefruit9.jpgSo what makes the Texas grapefruit so great? There are many reasons that the Texas grapefruit has been favored for many years. The main reason is that the red grapefruit is grown and raised in Texas. Texas is home of the Ruby Red grapefruit. It all began in 1929 when a red grapefruit was found growing on a pink grapefruit tree.

Since the first red grapefruit was discovered, scientists in Texas have developed other red varieties of grapefruit called the Rio Star and Ruby Sweet. These varieties of red grapefruit have the sweet taste and juiciness that the Ruby Red. The Ruby Red grapefruit grows so well in the southern part of Texas known as The Rio Grand Valley near the tropical waters of the Gulf of Mexico because of the warm climate and nutrient-rich soil. The soil is irrigated by the Rio Grande River and the seasonal year-round temperatures. South Texas has high humidity and this produces the red grapefruit to have a thick skin and make the grapefruit very juicy.

At a facility called The Edinburg Citrus Association, they test each fruit individually to be sure that it meets the high standards of the company. They want to be sure each red grapefruit is sweet and juicy as it is suppose to be. The grapefruits are then labeled and packaged. Besides the inspection they do on each fruit, the company also leaves the fruit on the tree so that it insures the fresh fruit for its costumers.

The Ruby Red grapefruit is a fruit all on its own. It has a dark, deep colorful inside with a super sweet taste. The delicious flavor attracts new users everyday. In fact, bagged red grapefruit increased it sales by 30%. Also it helps that red grapefruit comes in a variety of packages such as bulk, bags or baskets. Many grocery stores display red grapefruit where the customers can see it. The orangey color lure customer to the red grapefruit bin. Once a customer purchase the grapefruit, the sweet juicy taste will bring them back as repeat customers.

Many times, the red grapefruit is used in several various salad promotions. When adding grapefruit to a salad, it adds to the nutritional value of the salad. It also adds color to the salad, peaking the customers' interest. Red grapefruit can also be mixed in a fruit salad. Add grapefruit to a mix of melons, strawberries, blueberries and watermelon. This makes a delicious snack or lunch. Or if neither of these options appeals to you, try using red grapefruit in small pie shells. Or you can use grapefruits instead of strawberries in shortcake. Try grapefruit with crepes with fruit glazes and top with whipped cream.

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