The Grapefruit Diet: Can It Work For You?

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Back in the 70's, the grapefruit diet was all the rage. This program had actually been around much longer going back to the 1930's when it was called the Hollywood Diet. The concept is simple: With every meal you need to add a half of grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice. The key seems to be that the grapefruit helps curb your appetite which in turn helps you eat less. Technically, you could achieve the same results without the grapefruit but then you would be missing out on a lot of the benefits from the grapefruit.

There have been numerous clinical studies conducted which showed that participants who went on the grapefruit diet for 12 weeks lost anywhere from three to ten pounds. For many people going on the grapefruit diet they accepted that's it's just “magical” that the pounds drop off. Actually, there is some science behind the grapefruit magic. One of the active nutrients in grapefruit is a flavonoid compound called naringin. This is actually the compound which gives a grapefruit its distinct taste. Naringin acts as a blocker for fatty acids in our cells. This in turn helps our bodies process carbs more efficiently as opposed to being stored up as fat.

Grapefruits also contain pectin which is a form of fiber. The more fiber we take in, the better our digestive systems work. When those systems are flowing, weight decreases. In the pink and red varieties of grapefruit you'll find heaping doses of lycopene. This helps your body knock back the bad cholesterol which can clog your arteries and put a serious strain on your heart. It is also the same compound that oncologists recommend to reduce the risks of some forms of cancer.

When you also add in the benefits of all the Vitamin C and potassium that you'll get from the grapefruit, you'll find yourself feeling more energized. Those two nutrients go a long way towards adding muscle to your heart. This will make exercise a bit easier. And speaking of exercise, for a long time grapefruits have been a staple part of the diet for folks suffering from inflammation. You might not have those issues but after a solid work-out, a half of grapefruit can help alleviate some potential soreness.

And don't forget about the calcium you get from a grapefruit. Drinking grapefruit juice can give you the same daily dose of the bone strengthening element as a glass of milk. It has also been shown that a daily six ounce glass of grapefruit juice targets the types of cancer causing enzymes produced by tobacco smoke. Whether you're looking to drop a few extra pounds or just stay healthy, you can't go wrong with a grapefruit a day!

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