Sending Grapefruit Through Pittman and Davis

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grapefruit23.jpgPittman and Davis are a family owned business that has been operating for over 80 years. Pittman and Davis specialize in sending orchard fresh fruit, smoked meat, cheeses, pastries, nuts, candies and dried fruit.

The company was started in the 1920's by Frank Davis Sr. He and his family lived in Missouri at the time. But the family's 8-year old daughter, Jane, had severe allergies. They took her to the doctor and he suggested that the family move as south as they can get in Texas where there is a warmer climate. So Frank packed up his family and moved to Harlingen, Texas. That was as far south before getting to the Mexico border that he could get. Frank worked in Missouri for 14 years in a large mail order business. Frank sold household items to rural parts of the country. Frank met Howard Pittman through a local real estate agent. Howard Pittman was a local fruit grower. He wanted to sell his prized fruit through mail order. Howard and Frank became friends and stated a business together. In the 1930's, Howard sold his share of the business to Frank and Frank became the sole owner of Pittman and Davis. Nowadays, Frank and Kitty's son, Ted, is the CEO of Pittman and Davis and is responsible for sending grapefruit around the world. Also, Ted's sons, Frank and Ted and daughter Cathi are also responsible for the company's day to day actions.

Before sending grapefruit, citrus trees must be pruned, fed, watered and cared for to grow the best sugar sweet tropical fruit. These trees need the correct soil, sunlight and temperature. In Texas, where the fruit is grown, there is a packing house onsite so when the packages are shipped; customers will receive the freshest fruit available. Pittman and Davis use only less than 5% of the crop because they believe that is all that meets their high standards. Within hours after picking the fruit, each fruit is inspected for size, quality and ripeness. It is then packed and shipped to customers.

Pittman and Davis have several gift packages for you to send grapefruit to loved ones. For example, there is a ½ bushel package that is 22 pounds and includes 18-20 grapefruits. The ¼ bushel package is perfect to send grapefruit to hard to please loved ones on your list. It includes nine large grapefruit. The ½ bushel package with extras includes the 18-20 grapefruits plus 10 ounce jars of orange marmalade or strawberry preserves. The Christmas package includes 10 navel oranges and 7 Ruby Red grapefruits and small red and green boxes of pistachios, mixed nuts and assorted candies. The Centerpiece Fruit Bowl is an oval shaped wicker basket with a ½ bushel of Navel oranges and Ruby Red grapefruits. The wicker basket is 18 inches long, 15 inches wide and 7 inches high.

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