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Star Ruby Grapefruit

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Like most fruits, the grapefruit has a number of popular varieties. There are white grapefruits, pink grapefruits and red ones. And when it comes to the red or “Ruby” varieties there are more than a dozen varieties. In this article we are going to take a look at a few of the most popular varieties. But before we begin, we must review the history of this interesting fruit.

The grapefruit was discovered on the Island of Barbados in 1750. At the time, all grapefruits were white grapefruits. It was not until many years later that the first mutations began to appear. The pink was documented shortly after grapefruit seeds were brought to the United States in 1823.

For decades, farmers planted both pink and white varieties, since the general consensus was that they tasted exactly the same. Unfortunately, few people wanted to buy or send either grapefruit because they were simply too sour. The fruit failed to impress when it first came to Florida and most crops were small and experimental.

Years later, the grapefruit was brought to South Texas. Again, the highly-acidic fruit failed to impress the locals and was relegated to the role of exotic novelty fruit while the oranges were considered the staple citrus fruit. The grapefruit was first cultivated in a region known as the Rio Grande Valley in 1893. Local farmers did not send grapefruit at the time since it was not a commercial crop.

However, all that changed when a new variety of grapefruit was discovered in 1929. Later dubbed the “Ruby,” this new grapefruit had red flesh that was said to be much sweeter and juicer than the other varieties. In no time at all, farmers began to actually send grapefruit to other parts of the state and later the nation.

Increased demand and improved farming techniques lead to the creation of the Texas grapefruit industry. In time, the new Ruby grapefruit would become so popular that the state of Texas officially eliminated the pink and white grapefruit in 1962. As a result, local farmers and orchard owners raced to create the sweetest and reddest Ruby grapefruit in the world.

Over the next few years, farmers and scientists would cultivate over a dozen varieties of the Ruby. The two most popular types are the Rio Star and the Rio Red grapefruit. When farmers send grapefruit in Texas, over 75 percent of them are one of these two varieties. The original Ruby Red, on the other hand, is not as popular as it once was with only about 20 percent of the market.

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