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Since the advent of the internet, online flower companies have been popping up all over the place. The reason online companies can succeed in a crowded marketplace is actually quite simple–they do not have regular retail stores. That means they do not have to pay for rent, heat or electricity. It also means that they can pass these savings on to consumers.

In short, that is how companies succeed on the internet. They cut costs and pass savings on to consumers. In this article we are going to discuss another popular online seller, internet fruit companies. Though not quite as popular as the cyberspace florists, they do rather well.

Why do people buy citrus fruit on the internet? There are really several reasons. The most obvious one is that they cannot get the fruit they want at the price they want at their local supermarkets. To illustrate this point, let us take a look at online grapefruit.

The grapefruit is a curious fruit if ever there was one. Perhaps that is because it is actually a hybrid fruit, a cross between an Indonesian Pomelo and a Jamaican sweet orange. Or perhaps it is because Americans have never truly accepted the grapefruit as their own.

When the grapefruit first arrived in Florida in 1823, the locals wanted nothing to do with it. They thought it was too sour. For more than a century the subtropical fruit toiled in virtual anonymity. Then in 1929, a farmer discovered a new red variety of the fruit that was much sweeter and juicer than its predecessors.

By the 1940's, the US was the world's leading producer of grapefruit. However, the numbers would remain stagnant until the 1970's when the grapefruit diet fad took off.

And though the numbers are off a bit from the peak years, the US is remains the world's top grapefruit producer with around a million and a half pounds shipped annually. The only difference is that companies now send online grapefruit.

Why do people purchase online grapefruit? Well, the grapefruit is a notoriously mercurial fruit. It is only cultivated in four states–Florida, Texas, California and Arizona–and as a result the prices tend to fluctuate wildly. For instance, if one state has crops that suffer from frost, the entire industry can be turned on its head.

In recent years, however, selling grapefruit online has been a stabilizing influence. It gives fruit distributers the option of sending smaller shipments that can actually be quite profitable. At the same time, purchasing grapefruit online can result in deep discounts for consumers who cannot find the grapefruit they need at their local grocery store.

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