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All grocery stores and supermarkets stock fresh fruit, which means that most Americans have easy access to popular citrus varieties. Why then are online fruits sellers popping up all over the place? Located mostly in the citrus-producing states–Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona–online sellers are filling a gap in the fruit market. What is this gap?

As any fruit lover or foodie will tell you, the selection of fresh anything at the average supermarket leaves something to be desired. But the issue is arguably the most egregious in the fruit section, where only the most popular fruits and fruit varieties make it into the bins. How bad is it?

On a good day, you might find four or five varieties of apples or oranges, since they are the most popular fresh fruits, and one or two of the less common fruits. Now, we wouldn't call the grapefruit uncommon, at least not in America (the U.S. is the global leader in grapefruit production), but most markets outside of the citrus-producing states only stock one, maybe two varieties of fresh grapefruit. On average, you should expect to find the original white variety and perhaps a pink one.


Ordering Online Grapefruit

The number one reason why fruit lovers and even average folks buy grapefruit on the Internet is that they can't find the varieties they like at their local stores. This is particularly true when it comes to red grapefruit, which are the sweetest, tastiest grapefruit around. Grown mostly in Florida and Texas, the supply of these tasty treats is simply not large enough to keep up with the demand. As a result, they are more expensive and harder to come by than the original white grapefruit.

As a leading commercial seller of fresh citrus fruit, Pittman & Davis offers an impressive selection of grapefruit for any occasion. Here is a partial list of our most popular items that can be ordered online.

Half-Bushel Cartons/Baskets

Can't find Ruby Red grapefruit at your local market? We've got you covered! For only around $1.50 per piece, you can order a half-bushel (18 to 20 grapefruit) of this sweet and juicy delicacy.

Dozen Cartons/Baskets

If you reside outside of Florida or Texas, odds are you won't find a dozen red grapefruit at the supermarket. But don't despair! You can order them directly from us for either personal consumption or a gift. Shipped in a handsome package, these are 12 of the finest Ruby Red grapefruit you are ever likely to find.

Quarter Bushel

Have a slightly smaller appetite? You can order nine large sweet red grapefruit from us at an affordable price. Sold in either cartons or baskets, they make a great holiday gift.

Full Bushel

Just like at the wholesale stores, you can save beaucoup bucks when you buy grapefruit online in bulk. For under $1.50 a piece, you can purchase a whole bushel (30-40 pieces) of delicious Ruby Red grapefruit online.

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