Oil From Tangerines as Natural Medicine

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While many people enjoy eating tangerines, most probably don't realize that the oil from tangerines has a number of uses and applications on its own. Extracted directly from the peel, a cold-pressing process is used to remove the oil from the tangerines.

Although the tangerine's use as a medicinal remedy originated in China, it has quickly become popular in the United States as a natural treatment for several conditions. From improved digestion to positive effects on an individuals skin, many use the oil from tangerines as a natural remedy for common ailments as well as for cosmetic purposes.

When applied to the skin, tangerine oil is said to produce desirable effects for those with constipation, diarrhea, or high-levels of flatulence. It gives the digestive system a boost, acting as a tonic to relieve the discomfort of these common, unwanted maladies.

Oil from citrus fruits like tangerines, in this application, serves as a natural alternative to more-commonly used drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription.As for the nervous system, oil from tangerines is also used to relieve anxiety and reduce stress levels in those using it. Like its use in digestive therapy, it is also applied to the skin for use in inhibiting stress.

As for how the user should apply tangerine oil to the skin, it is usually used as part of a massage oil or bath. A tangerine's oil may either be diluted with other oils and rubbed on the skin or added to bath water in order to achieve its desired therapeutic effects for both the nervous and digestive systems. In such applications, tangerine oil is also believed to increase blood circulation to the skin, reduce stretch marks, and improve the appearance of the user's skin overall. Pregnant women often use tangerine oil as a stretch mark treatment.

Many tangerine oil proponents also recommend using it as part of a cream or lotion. When applied to the skin and rubbed in sufficiently, the oil from tangerines and some other citrus fruits like oranges will produce the same positive effects as its use in baths and massage oils. Some even contend that in addition to applying tangerine oil directly to the skin, its use in vapor therapy is equally effective when it comes to improved digestive system functioning and lowering of stress levels.

Although the reliability and effectiveness of natural and herbal remedies is always the subject of much debate, many continue using oil from tangerines to treat digestive problems, stress, and skin-care issues. Tangerine oil is readily available from vendors who carry natural foods and herbal remedies.

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