Nutritional Benefits of Your Grapefruit Drink

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grapefruit3.jpgIt is commonly known that the citrus family is a fantastic supplier of Vitamin C to the body. It is also common knowledge that you can get this vitamin C from eating the fruit whole or even by taking a sip of your daily orange juice to your favorite grapefruit drink. But what many people do not know is that the citrus family offers more then just Vitamin C to your diet! If you want to know how these delicious fruits can help you, keep reading to find out exactly how much you are helping your body. Each fruit is slightly different as is each item produced by each fruit. So take a popular grapefruit drink as the main example for this article's purpose.

A sip of a grapefruit drink can provide you a substantial amount of your vitamins A, E and K as well as B complex. It is packed with important minerals such as calcium and as well as folic acid, potassium and phosphorus. You will also be supplied citric acid, limonene, citral, pinene and of course natural sugars. That is not all either your grapefruit drink is also rich in phyto-nutrients such as flavanoids, lycopene, liminioids and glucarates. And of course, as stated above, grapefruit and its many altered products such as your morning grapefruit drink offer a fantastic source of Vitamin C, which as many people know, helps protect against and fight off the onset of the flu and the common colds everyone dreads as well as helps reduce fevers.

But what exactly does all this 'scientific' information mean other then you get some nutrients that doctors and scientist claim you need? Why not just take a daily vitamin? It means that your grapefruit drink is not only providing you the essential nutrients you need to grow and/or maintain your health, you are also absorbing natural fighters of microbes, viruses and bacteria that could potentially render you ill. For example, the phyto-nutrients found in your grapefruit drink are proven to help fight many forms of cancer and various other harmful diseases. Also, your grapefruit drink is going to be great at helping relieve the acidity in your digestive system while also adding dietary fiber to your body which helps eliminate digestive disorders. Many pregnant women eat grapefruit or have some juice to reduce water retention and thus reduce the swelling of legs, ankles and feet as grapefruit acts as a diuretic that helps the body release toxins and excess water as well as help your body cleanse arteries and reduce the production of cholesterol in the liver.

Do you want a sip of your grapefruit drink now? Or perhaps a piece of the fruit? You should.

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