More Then Just Grapefruit Weight Loss

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grapefruit10.jpgIf you like grapefruit and need to loose a few pounds you should try grapefruit weight loss programs such as the grapefruit diet, Hollywood diet, Mayo diet or the Aktins grapefruit weight loss plan. Grapefruit weight loss plans can be traced as far back as the 1930s, although no one has staked claim on this what was once thought as a fad diet that never lost its fad! Regardless of the positive and negative feedback that is written about grapefruit weight loss, this diet program has never fizzled, if anything it is rising in popularity again with the fight for all natural remedies and approaches to life sciences and life styles. The use of pills and chemicals for weight loss is slowly fizzling with the research that has been done on the long term effects and uses of these chemicals on the body.

So how does this grapefruit weight loss program work? It is actually very simple. The grapefruit weight loss program involves eating one half of a grapefruit or drinking one 8 ounce glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice before you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. You follow this regiment for 12-14 days. There are three major reasons why this grapefruit weight loss works in changing the number you see on the scale. First and foremost, grapefruit is very high in dietary fiber, therefore it not only fills you up faster, aiding you in portion control of your meals, this fiber found in grapefruit also makes your feel full longer so you do not have the desire to snack between meals. Secondly, grapefruit is one of nature's natural diuretics and therefore grapefruit assists the body in release excess water weight retained within the body. Lastly, grapefruit is said to also contain an enzyme that when combined with proteins found in meat and legumes, stimulates the body's metabolism to kick start the fat burning process. This is debated by a variety of scientific testing organizations so it can not be said that this is proven in hard stone- but this is the reason that you should always eat well balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner while on the grapefruit weight loss plan.

Even if you do not loose weight you are gaining a wealth of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in grapefruit to help ward off diseases, fight viral and bacterial infections and help the body facilitate its daily functions to its greatest potential, so do not feel that this diet is a total bust until you look at the nutritional benefits as well. Like all diet plans, it is essential to speak with your doctor before taking up the grapefruit weight loss program. This is very important as grapefruit does affect the absorption of some medications and this combination may be potentially hazardous.

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