Is There a Grapefruit Fiber Diet?

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grapefruit5.jpgMany people who are looking to lose weight have heard of the Grapefruit Diet. It is a diet that includes lots of grapefruit in it, as the name suggests. It is a very popular diet all over the world, and has been since it was first invented all the way back in the 1930s. If you look at the sample menus of this grapefruit diet, you drink grapefruit juice in the morning then have either half a grapefruit or a glass of grapefruit juice with both lunch and dinner.

Because eating actual grapefruit is optional, this can not be considered a Grapefruit Fiber diet. That is because if you drink grapefruit juice for each of your grapefruit servings, then you are getting no grapefruit fiber in your diet. That is because grapefruit juice contains no grapefruit fiber. Many people who go on the Grapefruit Diet drink the juice instead of eating actual grapefruit because it is easier and more convenient. In today's ultra busy world, convenience is a big deal.

The other reason this plan is problematic as a Grapefruit Fiber diet is because if you do happen to eat the half grapefruits instead of juice, you can end up getting less grapefruit fiber into your diet than you might expect. This is because the way you eat the grapefruit has a huge impact on just how much grapefruit fiber you are getting into your system. For example, slicing a grapefruit in half then using a spoon or special utensil to pick out the small halved pieces of juicy flesh is fun and delicious, but it takes the amount of grapefruit fiber in that serving down by up to 66%! This is because a serving of half a grapefruit of flesh only has two grams of grapefruit fiber, while eating the grapefruit with the thin membrane surrounding the juicy flesh still intact increases the grapefruit fiber amount to six grams.

You do not need to be a math wizard to see what a huge deal that is. The difference in grapefruit fiber grams is too big to ignore, so you have to be careful how you choose to intake your grapefruit if you are on the Grapefruit Diet. Increasing the amount of grapefruit fiber ingested while on the Grapefruit Diet can only serve to help make the diet more effective.

Of course, as with any diet, you should consult with your doctor before going on it. If they approve of the Grapefruit Diet, they may likely tell you to eat whole grapefruits and skip the juice. This is likely because they know what you do now–the grapefruit fiber is an important part of good heart health.

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