How to Make and Send a Grapefruit Basket with Grapefruit Peels

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grapefruit21.jpgIf you have decided to make and send a healthy gift basket, you want to be sure to send grapefruit and grapefruit peel in your edible arrangement. Did you know that one of the healthiest parts of the grapefruit is the peel? You can include grapefruit peel when you send grapefruit baskets to loved ones and I will show you how in this guide.

To create a basket, you can choose baskets such as wicker baskets or any type of basket that you choose. Line the bottom of the basket with pastel, thin paper, greenery or confetti. Then add maybe six large grapefruits or whatever you think can fit in the basket. Then you can either give the basket as it is or you can wrap it in cellophane paper. You can use a hair dryer to take all the air out.

You can also think outside the basket. Instead of using a basket, why not send grapefruit in a decorative fruit bowl. There are certainly no rules that state a gift basket has to be an actual basket. So you can place grapefruit into the bowl and then sprinkle grapefruit peel over the fruit.

You can create candied grapefruit peel either with sugar or artificial sweetener to send the grapefruit basket. Now you may think that adding candied grapefruit peel is not the healthiest option. But the grapefruit itself is very healthy so adding the candied grapefruit peel will still make it a healthy snack for your loved ones to enjoy.

When adding grapefruit peel to any grapefruit basket, you have several other options available. Now this next option may not be the absolute healthiest option but you can dip the grapefruit peels in chocolate before you send the grapefruit basket. Chocolate dipped grapefruit peels are just amazingly good. If you don't wan tot use chocolate, you can certainly choose other favors such as strawberry or butterscotch. If you are going to dip the grapefruit peel, you need to remember to boil the peel before dipping it. This will remove the bitterness. Bitter peels and chocolate just don't go together.

IIf you want to send a grapefruit basket for a holiday occasion, you can get pretty creative by cutting the grapefruit into decorative designs such as a heart for Valentine's Day, a Christmas tree for Christmas or a bunny for Easter.

So there are some great suggestions to send grapefruits and grapefruit peels in an edible arrangement grapefruit basket to friends, co-workers, family or loved ones. Sending grapefruit baskets are a touching gift for anyone because it is unlike a flower bouquet, grapefruits are something the recipient can actually eat and it is very healthy for everyone.

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