How to Eat and Buy Grapefruit

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Who would have ever thought that something from nature would be so confusing? We're not talking about gizmos and gadgets with computer chips, but fruit that grow on trees and has done so since time immemorial. Why then does everyone seem to have a different way of enjoying an apple, orange, banana, etc? All claim that their way is the right one, or at least the easiest, most convenient one. Slicing, dicing, peeling, paring, and even scooping are the most common ways to enjoy fresh fruit. But when it comes to buying grapefruit, all bets are off!

What's so difficult?

Some folks don't buy grapefruit because they claim it's nearly impossible to eat. Really, what other fruit requires its own utensils (grapefruit knives and spoons) just to enjoy it? From that standpoint, they are absolutely correct. The grapefruit takes patience and time to eat, especially if you do it the old-fashioned way–by slicing it in half and digging out the small sections of flesh with a serrated grapefruit spoon. In all honesty, that's the reason most folks only eat a moiety of grapefruit at a time, since it takes them five minutes or more to complete the task. Fortunately, we have a trick that will make things easier on every grapefruit lover the world over.

Peel it

We don't know how folks missed it, but the grapefruit is a close relative of the orange. As such, it has a thin rind that can be removed in a matter of seconds. Yes, there are tough membranes/walls that separate each morsel of flesh; but they are easy to remove once you take off the rind and have the naked fruit on your cutting board. These white segment walls can be seen from the outside and can be sliced around to yield 10-12 sections of fresh fruit.


One of the healthiest, most delicious citrus fruits around, grapefruit is a popular ingredient with professional chefs. The exotic flavor it adds to almost any dish is worth the extra time it takes them to prepare it, which something most home cooks are not willing to do. However, with this simple trick, you can add grapefruit segments to salads, appetizers, and main dishes in minutes. Grapefruit is especially tasty when paired with salty ingredients like olives, nuts, and anchovies.

Like most other citrus fruits, the grapefruit ranges widely in sweetness and sugar content based on the variety. As a general rule, the redder a grapefruit is, the sweeter it will be. Common varieties like the Ruby Red and the Rio Star are certainly sweet enough to be enjoyed without the customary sprinkle of sugar or artificial sweetener on top. Whereas regular white grapefruit are still quite sour, which may be why they are a popular culinary ingredient.

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