How Grapefruit Fiber Can Help Lower Cholesterol

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grapefruit3.jpgCholesterol has been a big concern of people everywhere for quite some time. Lowering your cholesterol levels has been shown to increase your overall health by lowering your risk for things like high blood pressure and heart attacks. Most people think that in order to lower your cholesterol, you have to eat tasteless healthy food, but that is simply not the case. Getting fiber into your diet is a key to lowering cholesterol, and delicious grapefruit fiber is one of many ways to do it.

You might be thinking how on earth a citrus fruit that is more juice than anything can possibly have fiber in it. But the truth is that all fruits have fiber, each one just has a different amount and type. Grapefruit fiber is amongst the easiest to get because you can get it from a multitude of ways and sources. Grapefruit fiber is found in the juicy flesh of the grapefruit, in the skin that surrounds the flesh (not the peel) and in easy pill and powder forms as well. In pill and powder form, grapefruit fiber is often referred to as grapefruit pectin or grapefruit pectin fiber. There is, unfortunately, no grapefruit fiber in a glass or bottle of grapefruit juice. You have to actually eat the grapefruit or consume the pills to get the actual grapefruit fiber and all of the health benefits it possesses.

Grapefruit fiber attaches itself to bad cholesterol inside the body. This prevents the cholesterol from binding to the walls of your arteries, where it can cause all kinds of havoc. Once cholesterol binds to the walls of your arteries, it can increase your risk for both heart attacks and strokes because it increases the pressure needed to get blood streaming through your heart. Blood flow is very important to your overall health, so anything that impedes it can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Eating foods high in fiber such as grapefruit and its grapefruit fiber can help prevent this from happening.

Even if you are not currently at risk for heart disease and even if your cholesterol levels are just fine, that doesn't meant that including grapefruit fiber in your diet can't help you in other ways. Grapefruit fiber also helps with digestion and it can help lower your blood sugar levels. This particular upside of grapefruit fiber consumption is good for people who are either already diabetic or borderline diabetics. Diabetics must control their blood sugar in order to stay healthy and borderline diabetics can avoid the disease altogether if they control the blood glucose levels. So consuming grapefruit fiber is beneficial for just about everyone, no matter what your current health level is.

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