How Fad Diet Spurred Demand and Made Texas Farmers Ship Grapefruit All Over the Country

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grapefruit16.jpgHollywood Diet or the Grapefruit Diet played a big role in spurring the demand for grapefruit around the United States. Yes, Texas farmers were already producing this fruit as early as the 1920s and some of them even managed to ship grapefruit out but demand for this fruit was not really that high. In fact, only very few farmers ship grapefruit because it was not that saleable and very few people buy them.

How grapefruit became an overnight hit? The emergence of a new variety of grapefruit probably triggered the increase in demand but it was not until the introduction of the Hollywood Diet back in the 1930s that the grapefruit became very popular. It was not clear who actually invented the Hollywood diet but one thing is sure, it spurred the Texas farmers to ship grapefruit around the country by the tons. What was the diet all about? The Hollywood Diet, also known as the Grapefruit Diet, was fast weight loss program that promised 10 pound weight loss in 12 days using the magical ingredient which is the grapefruit. To this day, there are no known scientific studies to back the claim that grapefruit has fat burning effects but as any fad diet goes, people jumped into the bandwagon and made a hero out of what was once an ordinary fruit.

The ruby red variety of the grapefruit was the favorite by many because of its sweet taste. As more and more people got into the diet program, demand for the ruby red fruit increased tremendously and Texas farms started to ship grapefruit to different supermarkets and grocery stores around the country in huge quantities. In fact, many farmers had to ship grapefruit to several different destinations around the United States.

The popularity of the Hollywood Diet pushed farmers to produce more. As promoters of the Hollywood Diet endorse drinking plenty of grapefruit to hasten the fat burning process, some enterprising farmers started to process their produce and ship grapefruit juice to supermarkets. Demand for juices was quite high and farmers who ship grapefruit juices raked big profits.

After sometime, people begun to question the effectiveness of the Hollywood Diet but the demand for grapefruit did not change. Why? Although the fad diet lost its appeal to the public, people still continue to eat grapefruits because of its delicious taste and its nutritional values so Texas farmers continue to ship grapefruit around the country even until now. You see, grapefruit is a good source of vitamin C which helps fight off infections while its pulp contains plenty of fiber that promotes good health. The pink variety of the grapefruit also contains plenty of betacarotene which is good for the body.

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