Honeybell Oranges for the Holidays

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Cushman Honeybell Oranges

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Honeybells are sometimes called Christmas oranges because they come into peak season around the Christmas holiday. Generally Honeybells are ripe and ready to eat from December through early February.

Because they have such a limited growing season Honeybells are highly prized. Many people order Honeybells a year in advance to make sure that they get some of the sweet, delicious fruits each year. Depending on the weather, growing conditions and other factors Honeybell crops may end up being significantly smaller than predicted during any given year so ordering Honeybells early is always a good idea.

Honeybells are a great addition to holiday recipes and add a special citrus flair to everything from holiday desserts to holiday dinners and cocktails. Honeybells are known for producing a lot of super sweet juice, which is great alone as a drink or mixed into cocktails or used in place of water in fruit smoothies. Because Honeybells and Honeybell juice have such a sweet, rich, distinctive taste many people consider having Honeybells a holiday tradition.

You can bake with Honeybells too. Adding Honeybell juice into any recipe instead of water will add a dash of rich citrus flavor and a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which is always something people need during the cold and dark winter months. Honeybell cake, which is easy to make with a white cake mix and honeybell juice in a bundt pan, is a real crowd pleaser for the holdiays and goes great with holiday coffee and tea blends. Add some flair to your holiday cut out cookies by using Honeybell juice in the dough and decorating the cookies with candied Honeybell peel.

Honeybells are also great for holiday stockings. It's common to put citrus fruits in holiday stockings in many households, and millions of people throughout the US expect to get oranges or grapefruits in their Christmas stockings. Surprise them this year by replacing traditional citrus fruits with exotic Honeybells. Because of their unique shape Honeybells are the perfect fit for holiday stockings.

Honeybells also make ideal corporate gifts. Nearly everyone can eat citrus fruit, no matter what special dietary needs they might have, so a box of Honeybells is the perfect gift to give to an office or a group of people. The exotic Honeybells will be welcomed and will stand out from other boring corporate gifts which will make your company look great.

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