Help Loved Ones Beat the Bulge and Stay Healthy – Ship Grapefruit to Them Regularly

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grapefruit9.jpgDespite many negative comments from detractors, the Grapefruit diet survived the test of time. Introduced as early as the 1930s, the grapefruit diet stimulated the demand for the ruby red citrus fruit and spurred Texas farmers to ship grapefruit by the tons all over the country. Many people predicted that the diet program would die a natural death after a few years but time has proven these people wrong. Several decades after the diet program was introduced, many still believe in it.

The diet program had evolved into many versions over the years but it never strayed from its core belief that grapefruit can help fight the bulge. Fueled by this belief, demand for the ruby red variety had steadily increased over the years. In fact, many Texas farmers now ship grapefruit to different parts of the world to meet the growing demand. Some farmers ship grapefruit in cans while others ship grapefruit in frozen form.

Although many people strongly believe in the power of grapefruit to burn fats, many scientists and researchers dispute this claim. However, researchers discovered that this fruit can help ward off bad cholesterol which in itself is good news for those people who want loose weight. Also, studies show that grapefruit has very low calorie nature of the fruit together with its low glycemic index tricks the body into feeling full so dieters end up eating less.

Since grapefruit does not have any actual fat burning powers, it may not help people shed off several pounds in just a few days. The weight loss process is not instantaneous so if you ship grapefruit to a family member who wants to lose weight; do not tell that person that he or she will lose 10 pounds in 12 days if he or she eats certain amount of grapefruit a day. In fact, if you do ship grapefruit to a family member who is trying to lose weight, tell that person that eating grapefruit alone is not enough to keep the extra pounds off. To keep the extra pounds off, one needs to combine diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle. Without these three elements, your family member may not be able to successfully keep the extra weight off even if you ship grapefruit to him or her by the tons.

Aside from controlling bad cholesterol, studies also show that grapefruit has a potential to ward off certain types of cancers. According to a recent study, drinking three glasses of grapefruits a day can help inhibit the cancer causing enzyme found in tobacco smoke. This is yet another reason why you should ship grapefruit juice to your loved ones regularly and encourage them to drink this juice on a regular basis.

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