Healthy Grapefruit Juice Blends You Can Make at Home

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grapefruit30.jpgFruit juices at the store are full of sugar and are very expensive. Why not make your own delicious grapefruit juice blends at home? Making your own juice blends gives you chance to control the amount of sugar that your family is eating, which can be very important for people with diabetes or other health issues. Mixing fresh fruit juices is easy to do and it gives you the freedom to mix the flavors you love without having to have any juices you don't like mixed in.

The best juices to keep on hand for making your own juice blends are grapefruit juice, orange juice, and apple juice. Most store bought juices are made from apple juice, with just a small percentage of other juices mixed in. They also pack the juice full of refined sugar so that you won't notice the apple juice taste. When you make your own fresh juice at home all you will taste is the refreshing taste of grapefruit, orange, tangerine, or whatever other juices you blend together. Even if you're not that experienced with making your own juice blends you can start making your own juice right now. Here are some easy to follow tips to help you get started:

Always use fresh juice – Invest in a high quality juicer and use it to juice all your fruit. There simply is no substitute for fresh juice. Store in airtight containers in the fridge and you can keep them for a few days before you need to make more. Make sure that you always have plenty of fresh grapefruit, in season oranges, and other fruits on hand to make juice.

Let the juice chill before you taste it – The flavors of the juice will taste better after they've had a chance to really blend and intensify. Don't worry if the juice tastes a little bitter or tastes not quite right after you first mix it. Let it chill in the refrigerator before you decide if you like it or not. If it still doesn't taste good to you try adding more juices or adding sugar to balance out the flavor.

Take notes – Whenever you are experimenting with food you will need to tweak basic recipes to your own taste. Make sure you have a notebook and pen handy while you are making up juice blends so you can make notes about how much juice you are using, what flavors you are mixing, and how the final product tastes. You can slowly create your own juice recipe book designed for your personal taste.

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