Grapefruit Weight Loss

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grapefruit16.jpgGrapefruit weight loss programs have been around for nearly a century, but do the really work? How do grapefruit weight loss programs work and what exactly is the science behind this seemingly magical fruit? Here is a brief essay to give you a better idea of what exactly the grapefruit diet entails and the effects of the diet on your body in basic terms.

First of all the main idea in the grapefruit weight loss program is that you eat grapefruit before each main meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea is that not only does the grapefruit act as an appetizer to help fill you, the high levels of dietary fiber found in the fruit will not only help you feel fuller, but feel fuller longer. The grapefruit also adds water to your stomach which is said to also slow binge eating. The naturally low glycemic level found in grapefruit is also helpful in controlling the distribution of insulin to the body so grapefruit weight loss plans are great for those suffering from diabetes. After eating your grapefruit or having a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice you then eat your meal as is, preferably a well balanced meal that includes lots of vegetables, a small amount of carbohydrates and some protein. It is said that the reaction of protein with the enzymes of the grapefruit help kick start your metabolism's fat burning abilities but there is little actual scientific proof as to this statement about grapefruit weight loss programs.

The effects of grapefruit on the body go beyond the grapefruit weight loss ideas as well. Yes, grapefruit is a diuretic and it will release excess water retained in the body, but in that process the compounds found in grapefruit also help the lymphatic system clean out toxins from the body including the kidneys, digestive system and excretory system. The fiber from the fruit helps the body's digestive tract remove the waste in a healthy manner as well. Another advantage is that during the grapefruit weight loss program you will get a wealth of vitamin C and calcium as well as other vitamins and minerals to help the body prevent diseases, fight off viruses and promote healthy cell construction.

This grapefruit weight loss plan is to be followed for 12-14 days and is not considered a lifestyle diet although it is also suggested that it is a great kick starter to healthier lifestyle choices such as eating more fruits as well as more well balanced meals. The grapefruit weight loss programs also all suggest that you exercise and promote portion control- both essential elements in long term weight loss strategy. If you are going to diet, choose one made of natural diuretics, not chemicals.

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