Grapefruit Fiber as an Antioxidant

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grapefruit.jpgDo a search of grapefruit fiber on the Internet and you will likely find a whole lot of articles about how it helps with cholesterol and blood sugar. You may even find grapefruit diets, fiber content charts and even some information about the antibacterial properties. You will rarely find any information about grapefruit fiber being an antioxidant, but in many ways it is.

Arguably the best benefit of grapefruit fiber when it comes to your health is that it helps reduce cholesterol. More specifically, it helps reduce bad cholesterol. The bad cholesterol (also called LDL cholesterol) is bad because it attaches itself to the arterial walls. This causes increased risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart attack.

By binding to the bad cholesterol, grapefruit fiber takes away the ability to bind to those artery walls. In doing so, your arteries will become less clogged over time, which is very good for your heart. When the body has to fight to pump blood, as is the case with clogged arteries, it produces free radicals as a result of that struggle.

Free radicals can harm your body in several ways. Since grapefruit fiber fights the sticking of cholesterol to your arteries, it also helps reduce the amount of free radicals that are produced by your body. This is the ultimate type of antioxidant, one that helps to prevent free radicals in the first place instead of fighting them after the fact like most antioxidants do. This puts grapefruit fiber in a class by itself.

Now that you know why grapefruit fiber is such a great antioxidant, you may be asking yourself how to incorporate it into your diet. The first thing you need to know about grapefruit fiber is that there isn't any in grapefruit juice. Although grapefruit juice still has other vitamins and minerals in it that are still beneficial to your overall health, you will not get any cholesterol-lowering grapefruit fiber in it.

Instead, buy whole grapefruits and eat them raw. This is the healthiest and easiest way. Make sure you eat the skin that surrounds each piece of grapefruit as well–this triples the amount of grapefruit fiber you get versus just eating the juicy flesh alone. If you can not stomach the thought of eating the grapefruit raw, try drizzing a little sugar or honey or even agave nectar onto them. This sweetens the taste a bit and makes it more palatable. Honey is best because it has lots of antioxidants as well. Just be sure to go easy–if you are on a diet or health plan, sugar of any kind can quickly wreck your calorie count and therefore sabotage the benefits. Like anything, moderation is key when trying to sweeten grapefruit fiber in your diet.

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