Grapefruit Essential Oil- How to Use It 411

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grapefruit8.jpgThis translucent, pale yellow to yellow vile of oil may seem like nothing at first but grapefruit essential oil is actually a very powerful and deliciously pleasing item used in aromatherapy, massage, topical application and ingestion for homeopathic medicine. Grapefruit essential oil has a wide range of uses for common ailments such as stress induced distracters, gastric system difficulties as well as mental and emotional depressants. It is a great add to your cabinet of goodies used to distress and clean your body. Grapefruit essential oil is even used as a topical disinfectant on skin abrasions, acne and as an antiseptic for the extraction of unwanted oils from the skin.

This medium to strong fragrance that comes from Citrus Paradisi, more commonly known as grapefruit or shaddock is extracted from the peal of the grapefruit itself. Although a very small amount can be compressed out of each piece of fruit, there is still a huge industry that revolves around the grapefruit essential oil. Just about any cosmetic cleansing item has been infused with this invigorating fragrance. Shampoos, conditioners, liquid and bar soaps, disinfectants, facial masks and scrubs, astringents and the large array of topical lotions can all be found with the essence of grapefruit essential oil. Many of these products will sell these items with words like re-invigorating, de-stress, fresh burst, stimulating and just about any other synonyms to market their products to those who want to purchase 'natural' products. But be careful because just because it totes one natural element, these products may be riddled with chemicals. Always read the labels to see what you are really topically applying to your skin. At the same time there are hundreds of companies out there that sell real all natural products that are awesome for personal hygiene and use. This is the most common for of grapefruit essential oil you will find.

The next most common form you will find grapefruit essential oil in is in its oil form when combined with other essential oils for aromatherapy, diffusers or professional and amateur massage oil collections. In these cases you will receive the benefits of grapefruit essential oil either through is potent smell through aromatherapy. Or you will receive it through a combination of your sense of smell and through topical absorption. It is important if you are experimenting with this oil on your own that you read the label to ensure you do not topically apply the oil concentrate directly to the skin without other agents such as olive oil, almond oil or grapeseed oil. It is important to cut the concentration to ensure you do not irritate the skin.

Regardless of which form you use grapefruit essential oils, enjoy its reinvigorating qualities as well as its many medicinal qualities.

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