Grapefruit Drinks- Tangy, Delicious and Nutritious!

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grapefruit13.jpgLooking for a tangy treat? Do you love the bitter and sweet combination? Do you want this with all the delicious tasty benefits but with minimal calories and sodium? Oh, and of course you want this to be fat free and cholesterol free? Yes, this seems like you are dreaming but there really is an option for you! When was the last time you had a slice of grapefruit or a grapefruit drink. Yes, you read that correctly, your grapefruit drink will be a combination of tangy, sweet and bitter while still refreshing, delicious, fat free, cholesterol free and very low in sodium with minimal calories. There are other nutritional benefits to this amazing treat as well.

Your grapefruit drink can help your lymphatic system release toxins from the body as well as release any relieve the body of water retention. In the process your excretory system is cleaned as well as your kidneys and your liver. This in turn helps with cholesterol levels and helps the body clean out plaque from the arterial walls in your body, thus aiding you in the fight against heart disease. Pretty impressive for a glass of a grapefruit drink is it not?

If this is not enough, as you may know, grapefruit or shaddock is party of the citrus family along with tangerines, pomelos, oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and a whole list of cross breeds of these. The citrus family is an extremely important part of the human diet as it is a fantastic supplier of vitamin C to the body. Yes your grapefruit drink also helps you get your necessary vitamin C intake to help protect against diseases, the common cold and of course the dreaded flu. In the even that you do contract something, your grapefruit drink is a great natural way to keep your fever at bay while also aiding the body in its fight again the harmful virus, microbes or bacteria.

Ladies, if you do not care about your actual health and are only looking for a smaller pair of cute jeans to fit in, go and pour yourself a grapefruit drink or cut a piece of that grapefruit and eat it! For nearly a century, grapefruit has been regarded as a natural diuretic to aid the metabolic processes when eaten before a meal. There is truth to grapefruit's dietary function as it adds dietary fiber to your body to help facilitate intestinal health and as stated before, to aid in the release of toxins and excess water from the body.

So reach for your favorite grapefruit drink next time you are thirsty or just looking for a delicious but health treat and cheers t yourself to aiding your body's health.

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