Grapefruit Calories in the Grapefruit Diet

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grapefruit2.jpgWhen trying to slim down, many people look for the quick fix. People will try ingesting only shakes, or they will try cutting out entire food groups from their diet, such as the Atkins Diet, or sometimes they will turn to diet pills. All of these diets may work in their own right, but there is one diet that is all natural and fuels your body on the nutrients of nature. This is the grapefruit calories diet.

Your average serving for this citrus fruit offers 74 grapefruit calories if measured in 1 cup sections with the juice included. The bulk of these 74 grapefruit calories is derived from carbohydrates, providing a count of 18.6 grams of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are derived from the high sugar content in the fruit, where the sugar content is 16.1 grams. The next highest percentage of the grapefruit calories comes from proteins. Eating a grapefruit will provide you with 1.4 grams of protein. Although this number is not very large, it is still helping sustain your body muscles. There is also a miniscule amount of fat in a grapefruit calories, not even a gram that helps attribute to the calorie content.

Due to the low grapefruit calories within a them, they make it the prime ingredient in the grapefruit diet. It has been believed for decades that there is a mystical substance within a grapefruit calories that triggers the burning of fats once it is ingested. Therefore, the grapefruit diet incorporates a grapefruit into every meal the dieter eats to trigger this mystical substance. The diet will typically last 12 days and dieters who want to diet longer than 12 days are encouraged to take a 2 day break in between sessions.

The types of food that one can eat while on the grapefruit calories diet are not too extreme. However, dieters are highly encouraged to drink vast amounts of black coffee and water throughout the day. The coffee raises your metabolism while keep you feeling alert, and the water keeps you hydrated. As for your actual meals, you will be able to prepare your meals with as much butter or salad dressing as you want. Fried foods are also not off limits. There is a specific meal plan that you should stick to with suggested foods, but you have some freedom within these foods. One demand of the diet is that the grapefruit juice that is ingested throughout the diet is always unsweetened.

In most versions of the grapefruit diet, the calorie count comes out to around 1,000 calories a day. Nutritionists are skeptical of the diet, stating that anyone who reduces their calorie intake to a 1,000 calories-a-day diet will lose weight, regardless of whether or not a grapefruit was involved. However, nutritionists do also admit that the grapefruit calories do include an enzyme that helps burning fats, although it is not the reason for such a fast weight loss amongst the dieters. Many studies have been implemented to find a truth to this diet, however, the only truth that has been found is that the enzyme that triggers fat burning has yet to be found in any other citrus fruit.

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