Grapefruit Calories are a Healthy and Nutritious Snack

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grapefruit10.jpgWhen considering the idea of healthy snacking, incorporating grapefruit calories into your diet can provide your body with a natural energy boost. The grapefruit is one of the lowest calorie, high nutrition foods that a person can consume, which makes it a great choice for a snack or as part of any meal. Many people that are trying to lose weight integrate grapefruit calories into their diet since it is a natural metabolism booster and fat burner as well. The next time that you go to try a new healthy snack, consider the grapefruit calories after understanding the following breakdown of what the caloric intake of a grapefruit consists of.

On average, consuming one half of a large grapefruit will only cost you approximately fifty to sixty grapefruit calories depending on the size of the fruit. These calories are made up of mostly carbohydrates as well as a portion of protein and a miniscule amount of fat. A half of a large grapefruit calories contains approximately thirteen to fourteen grams of carbohydrates total. Most of the carbohydrates come in the form of natural sugars, while the remaining portion comes from dietary fiber. There is approximately one gram of protein in a half of a large grapefruit and there is less than half of a gram of saturated fat.

Included in the grapefruit calories are a wide range of beneficial and nutritional enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. There are high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in one serving of grapefruit calories, which is considered to be a half of a grapefruit. Vitamins A and C can help to reduce your risk of many diseases, as well as provide your body with the ability to control harmful free radicals that can cause skin damage and serious illnesses. The pectin that is found in a grapefruit can help to reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in your body as well, which is another reason many people consume it on a regular basis.

As mentioned above, grapefruit is very low in all variations of fat with less than one gram of saturated fat in an entire large grapefruit, which is considered two servings. In addition, grapefruit calories contain no sodium making it an incredibly healthy alternative to no nutrition snacks such as pretzels and potato chips which are packed with loads of sodium and saturated fat. High levels of sodium intake have been shown to increase risks for a number of diseases and also may deter the ability to lose weight.

While there are several types of grapefruit, there is very little variation in the amount of grapefruit calories that are contained in each variety. Whether you choose the pink, red, or white variety, the caloric content will remain within five to ten calories of each other. Each variety contains the same nutritional benefits for your body and can help you to improve your diet and your health. Substitute your regular snack with grapefruit calories and you will almost instantly begin to realize the benefits of consuming a healthy and delicious treat.

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