Getting More Grapefruit Fiber into Your Diet

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grapefruit14.jpgAn increase of fiber such as grapefruit fiber in your diet can help with a whole host of medical or potential medical conditions. But what is the best way of getting grapefruit fiber into your diet? Does it mean you have to eat a lot of grapefruit? What about downing a tall glass of cold grapefruit juice every morning before you run out the door, like a lot of people do? Will that help get grapefruit fiber into your diet?

The answer to the last question is a resounding no. Though drinking a glass of grapefruit juice anytime of day is very convenient and even refreshing, it will not help you get grapefruit fiber into your diet. That is because grapefruit fiber is found in the flesh and skin of the grapefruit, and neither of those things are present in a glass of grapefruit juice. Even if your grapefruit juice is freshly squeezed and contains pulp in it, the amount of grapefruit fiber that you may find in that small amount of pulp is almost negligible. This means that it really will not help very much at all when it comes to your health. If you want grapefruit fiber in your diet, you will have to get it from sources other than grapefruit juice.

Consuming a grapefruit is by far the easiest way to get grapefruit fiber into your diet. But it is very important to know that the amount of grapefruit fiber that you will get into your body varies largely depending on the way you eat your grapefruit.

If you are in the habit of peeling your grapefruit, taking off the skin surrounding each piece and then eating it, or if you halve your fruit and pick out only the flesh, then you are definitely getting your grapefruit fiber each day. However, in half a grapefruit eaten in either of these ways, you are only getting roughly two grams of grapefruit fiber into your body. Although two grams of fiber is nothing to sniff at, consider this–you will get three times that amount if you eat the skin of the grapefruit as well.

In order to get the full six grams of grapefruit fiber from a half of a grapefruit, you should peel the grapefruit then eat each individual segment of flesh with the clear skin still attached. In other words, eat it just like you would eat an orange. Sure, the skin is a little on the chewy side and doesn't have any real taste, but for the health benefits alone, it is beneficial to eat it. You may be surprised at how quickly you adjust, and it certainly makes the act of eating grapefruit a lot quicker and easier.

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