Get Fit with Honeybell Oranges

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honeybells at market

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Honeybells are the perfect fruit to eat to help you get fit and healthy in the new year. Normally after the holiday season when people have been gorging on sweets and rich foods for a month or more they start to make plans to get fit and healthy after all that overindulgence.

But after eating sweets for so long it can be really difficult to cut back on sweet, calorie laden foods. You will crave the rich chocolates, delicious cookies, and other treats you've been enjoying with abandon all during the holdiays. Honeybell tangelos are the cure for holiday sweet cravings.

Honeybell oranges, which are only available during December, January and the early part of February, are super sweet citrus fruits that will satisfy your craving for sweets without packing on the pounds. Low calorie Honeybells have a rich, delicious taste and the super sweet juice can be used in place of sugar so that you can bake the treats you want without all the sugar and calories. In the morning you can create a healthy but sweet fruit smoothie by mixing plain low fat yogurt with some berries and other fruits. Pour in a cup or so of sweet Honeybell juice and your smoothie will have all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day and the sweet taste you want with no added sugar and fewer calories than sweet breakfast items like doughnuts.

For lunch, if you're craving something sweet, toss some Honeybell tangelo sections into a green salad with a little grilled chicken. The greens in the salad and the sweetness of the citrus fruit will blend for a delicious taste and you will still be eating a low calorie, healthy meal. You can even put some of the washed Honeybell peel in the salad for color or add a little Honeybell and grapefruit zest to the salad to give it a sweet and tart taste.

For snacks you can enjoy a delicious Honeybell all by itself or sprinkle the juice over some berries for a sweet treat packed with energy instead of calories. Cooking savory main dishes with Honeybells is a great way to add zest without adding calories. Just add Honeybell juice to the citrus marinades that you already cook with and you'll notice a new sweet note in your favorite main dishes.

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