Fun Grapefruit Cocktails to Liven Up Holiday Parties

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grapefruit30.jpgIf you want to really impress your guests at your holiday parties this year make sure that your bar is stocked with plenty of grapefruits, oranges, lemons and other citrus fruit. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is the perfect addition to cocktails because the slightly tart taste of the grapefruit balances out the super sweetness of some types of liquor and gives other alcohol a light, tasty flavor. Always use fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice in your cocktails. Frozen or store bought juice rarely has the same delicious taste as fresh squeezed. Grapefruit segments, orange peel, and candied tangerine peel also are beautiful garnishes for fancy cocktails. A bowl of fresh citrus fruit sitting on the bar is the perfect centerpiece because it's practical and has bright, inviting colors. Here are some great grapefruit cocktail ideas for you to try at your holiday parties this year:

Grapefruit Sorbet – This beautiful drink can also double as a luscious dessert. Simply mix some sugar, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, and orange juice with some Campari and freeze until it has slushy texture. To make the drink more festive for the holiday add a little cranberry juice to give it a beautiful rich red color and use the juice from a fresh Ruby Red grapefruit. Mix up a batch of this without the Campari for the kids to enjoy throughout the night.

Ruby Sunrise – To make this cheerful looking red cocktail you just mix some fresh Ruby Red grapefruit juice with grenadine, sour mix, and your choice of rum. Candied grapefruit peel or grapefruit segments make a great garnish for this relaxing drink. Rum drinkers will really enjoy the twist that the grapefruit juice brings to the flavor of the rum. And the pretty red color makes it a perfect holiday cocktail.

Blushing Lady – This cocktail has a wonderful blend of sweet and sour mixed with a delicate fruity taste that your guests will love. This is a perfect cocktail for those people who don't drink a lot and usually prefer drinks like margaritas or other fruity drinks. The pretty color is cheerful and will go perfectly with a holiday party. All you need to do to make a Blushing Lady is rub the rim of a large glass, like a martini glass, with fresh lemon juice and set it in some coarse sugar. Then mix some pomegranate liquor with fresh grapefruit juice. Shake the mixture well, and pour into the sugar rimmed glass.

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