Five Ways to Eat Grapefruit Peels

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More and more, people are becoming concerned with waste. Landfills are filling up and pollution is an issue, making people more aware of just how much they throw away. Consumers are trying to find news ways to use things they would normally just throw away. For instance, instead of throwing away those chicken bones, some make chicken stock or broth out of them, perfect for making a hearty soup or flavoring other dishes. Similarly, there are ways to eat grapefruit peels that make for less waste going into your waste basket, and therefore, our overcrowded landfills.

Thankfully, these ways to eat grapefruit peels do not include simply chomping down on a big hunk of grapefruit peel. They all involve using a plane grater (a small, handheld grater that you can get at many retailers) to separate the zest from the pith. The zest is the colored part of the peel while the pith is the white part left behind. The pith is bitter and should not be used. But the brightly colored zest has many great ways to eat grapefruit inside of it.

Salad dressings can range from herbal to fruity, but grapefruit juice or zest is rarely used. Despite this, one way to eat grapefruits would be to add either the juice, zest, or both to the usual mixture of vinaigrette. This is especially great with balsamic vinaigrette. Another great way to eat grapefruit peels is to use the zest in a marinade. In fact, many people use vinaigrettes as a marinade, but you can make a separate marinade that doesn’t go on a salad and include some fresh grapefruit zest in the mixture. It is sure to give a unique and delicious twist to any barbecue or picnic that you may throw.

The third way to eat grapefruit peels is to use them to make a cold treat. This is especially popular with kids. Add some grapefruit zest to fruit juice and then freeze to make summery ice pops. Or mix with grapefruit juice and zest and make a sorbet that adults and kids alike will love. The fourth way is to make a sweet sauce with them. Adding a dash of grapefruit zest to any sweet sauce gives it a twist that tastes good with almost any dessert.

And finally, a new way to eat grapefruit zest is to add it to iced tea. Usually, lemons or limes would be added but try grapefruit instead. It’s a new twist that still gives you the acid taste of citrus that you crave with your iced tea and allows you to use a lot more of the grapefruit than you ever imagined possible.

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