Fight Obesity with Grapefruit Weight Loss

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grapefruit15.jpgObesity is plaguing American society and everyone is in search of the quick fix instead of doing weight loss the right way, through healthy eating, portion control and daily exercise. More then half of the United States of America is overweight or obese- all at risk of developing life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, liver disfunctions, digestive disorders, cancers, and of course diabetes. If you are going to try a diet or a quick fix, try a diet that helps you gain control of your eating habits and promotes the consumption of healthy balanced meals as well as the use of moderate daily exercise. One of the oldest of these diets is the grapefruit weight loss plan, also known as the grapefruit diet, Hollywood diet or Mayo diet.

In the grapefruit weight loss plan, participants are asked to eat half of a grapefruit or drink a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice before every main meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacking is not allowed and you are granted one snack in the evening before retiring to bed. Grapefruit weight loss plans generally stretch between 12 to 14 days and although there are food restrictions, the diet promotes portion control and a healthy balance of fruits, vegetables, proteins and complex carbohydrates at each meal.

Grapefruit weight loss works on different levels to help heal the body. First and foremost, where you will loose the most weight from is through the loss of retained water in the body, as grapefruit is a natural diuretic. The grapefruit weight loss program also helps the lymphatic system in the release of toxins from the blood and organs, especially those used in the digestive system and the excretory systems. This is because with the diuretic nature of the grapefruit weight loss program, fluids flush through the kidneys and the high fiber concentration in the fruit itself helps the intestines and colon release toxins in a health manner in the release of waste from the digestive tract.

Grapefruit weight loss may not be a sustainable life style, but it does promote the consumption of clean foods that will aid you in receiving your daily nutrition via your food instead of daily supplements. The vitamin C concentration found in grapefruit helps ward off and fight against diseases while also being a calcium rich fruit to help your body with bone health as well. Also, by eating a grapefruit before each meal, the filling effects of the fruit remind your body to use portion control while eating as you will be getting fuller faster. These are all important habits that the grapefruit weight loss program can teach you and you can roll over into your everyday life for long term weight management.

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