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The United States in the world leader in Grapefruit production with an annual yield of over one and a half million tons. When fruit lovers see these statistics they generally scratch their heads. After all, the grapefruit can be a hard fruit to find fresh. Not to mention the fact that it can be expensive compared to other domestically grown fruit. Why is the grapefruit so pricey?

Well, it isn't always–it just depends where you live. You see, the grapefruit is an extremely sensitive fruit that can only be cultivated in a subtropical climate. As you might expect, there are only a few regions in US where the grapefruit can be grown. For that last century, only four states have produced grapefruit commercially–Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona. Not surprisingly, the farther you live from these states, the more it costs to ship and the more you will be charged. A fruit lover in living in the Midwest or in the Northeast might have a hard time getting his hands on a fresh grapefruit.

Because of the high cost of shipping, most supermarkets that are located far from grapefruit-producing states only stock the cheaper varieties. For instance, the standard white grapefruit is far less expensive than a Rio Red grapefruit that is shipped from Texas. How can you eat grapefruit if you don't live anywhere close to the Lone Star State?

Thankfully, the internet has provided a simple solution to grapefruit connoisseurs in the US. Online fruit companies package and ship millions of pounds of fresh fruit each year. Sure, it might sound a little strange–buying fresh produce online. But it is often a more reliable and cheaper option than shopping at a local store. How is this possible?

Like every virtual business, online fruit sellers save money by eliminating the costs associated with running a traditional brick and mortar business. All they really need are a few dedicated employees, a fruit supplier, and a reliable shipping service. And with the money they save on rent, inventory, and staff, they can cut costs to the bone. This does not always mean that costs will be less than at your local store, but they are generally in the ballpark.

What should you look for in an online seller? Most of the companies the sell fruit on the internet are located in a state that grows grapefruit. This helps them cut down on shipping and storage costs. However, it is important to note that not all sellers actually grow the fruit. Many of them simply order it from a supplier, repackage it, and send it to their clients. Because they most spend time and money repackaging and reshipping the fruit, these sellers almost always charge more to eat grapefruit. We recommend finding an online seller that grows, packages, and ships the fruit on their own. You will know the difference when you eat grapefruit that shipped fresh.

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