Easy Ways to Eat More Red Grapefruit

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grapefruit2.jpgRed grapefruits are very healthy and nutritious. They have a wide range of health benefits including weight loss and fighting heart disease. But if you want to eat grapefruit but don't think you have the time to work grapefruits into your busy lifestyle. You will have no problem incorporating red grapefruit into your schedule just by getting a little creative.

You really need to try and find a creative way to get red grapefruit into you diet because the health benefits will outweigh the risks. It will be worth the time and energy it will take you to find new ways to eat more grapefruit.

One of the easiest ways to eat more red grapefruit is to keep grapefruits with you every where you go. Head to your local grocery or fruit store and purchase a case of red grapefruit. Then when you get home, divide up the case of red grapefruit. Keep some at home, keep a couple in your car, carry a few in your gym bag, tote some around in your purse and keep some in your desk at work. When you need a snack or pick me up, you will always have one on hand at all times. If you are worried about your grapefruit getting bruised while carrying it in your gym bag or purse, try making or purchasing a grapefruit sleeve for it for protection. A grapefruit sleeve is a knitted sack that fits around a grapefruit and ties with a hook or button. This way your red grapefruit will stay safe during transportation.

If you don't want to carry grapefruits around with you all the time then you carry drink grapefruit juice instead. In the morning, you can fill a reusable bottle with pure red grapefruit juice and bring it to work with you. Or you can bring it with you to the gym for a refresher after your work out. Red grapefruit juice is loaded with vitamins and minerals and tastes delicious. And fresh grapefruit juice is better for you than energy drinks or caffeinated sodas which will just leave you tired and dehydrated. You can also try freshly squeezed grapefruit juice as an alternative to water or smoothies. Grapefruits are not just for breakfast or snaking. You can add chunks of grapefruits to salads. Try dunking fresh bread crumbs in grapefruit juice to make a breading for meat and fish. You can also use red grapefruit segments for desserts. Try adding grapefruit chunks into Jell-O. Instead of using strawberries for shortcakes, use grapefruits instead for an interesting twist. Or just cut up a red grapefruit into chunks, pour into a dish and enjoy! There are endless ways to eat grapefruit. You just need to be creative.

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