Easy Grapefruit Fiber Ideas

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grapefruit13.jpgThere are so many great health benefits to grapefruit fiber that it seems impossible that anyone would say not to incorporating more of it into their daily food intake. Most people, once they learn how wonderful and beneficial grapefruit fiber can be, want to get lots into their diet. However, this is easier said than done for a lot of people. Those who are constantly busy or on the go may not have time to properly get grapefruit fiber into their diet. This is especially true if they only drink grapefruit juice, which has no grapefruit fiber in it.

So if you can't drink grapefruit juice to get grapefruit fiber into your diet, how do you do it then? Before we get into that, it is a good idea to list the benefits of grapefruit diet, so you will see just why it is worth the extra effort it takes to get some into your food.

Grapefruit fiber helps reduce cholesterol by not allowing bad or LDL cholesterol from binding to the artery walls. This means less chance of getting a heart attack, stroke or even high blood pressure. It can also ease digestion and help cleanse the colon, which has a huge part in digestion. It can be used as a cleanse to help dieters get off to a good start. The juice of the grapefruit has some antibacterial properties, making it a good thing to use in a pinch for minor scrapes or tiny cuts when nothing else is available. Grapefruit fiber intake can also aid with diabetics or people at risk for it by helping to lower blood sugar.
So now that you know the benefits of ingesting grapefruit fiber you need to know that to get more into your diet, you must eat it much like you would eat an orange. This means the actual juicy pieces and the thin clearish membrane that surrounds it.

An easy way to get this into your diet is through things like a fruit salad. That is really easy to do. Take a segment, cut it in half and dip the tip in a little sugar or syrup of this choice. This helps sweeten things in case you don't care for the tart taste of the grapefruit. As long as you eat the whole skin you will get plenty of grapefruit fiber–up to six grams per half grapefruit!

You can also get some without eating the skin, but it is only two grams per half grapefruit. So be careful to realize that how you eat your grapefruit has a huge impact on how much grapefruit fiber you get. Considering the health benefits, it is best to go ahead and eat it fully to maximize the grapefruit fiber benefits.

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