Dress Up Your Table with Honeybell Oranges

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Some people are trying to get away from the idea of flowers as a centerpiece but aren't quiet sure what they should do. While flowers make a beautiful decoration, there are people in increasing numbers who are allergic to certain varieties–this makes it difficult for a host or hostess to make a decision about centerpieces on the table.

While you want to make certain your table is attractive, you don't want to offend your guests or worse yet, have them succumb to an allergy attack. Choosing fruit instead of flowers as a centerpiece adds a nice touch to your table while honeybell oranges add some sweetness that is not part of an ordinary orange.

There is really no “right” fruit to choose as a centerpiece, but if you add some honeybell oranges and dress up the rest of the arrangement with colored fruits such as apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries and cherries you will have a centerpiece that not only looks beautiful but tastes delectable as well.

You can even make an arrangement that includes dipped fruits made into different shapes for various occasions and colored to suit the occasion. You can create an attractive citrus fruit arrangement with honeybell oranges and a variety of any other fruits that appeal to the tastes of your guests.

Fruit arrangements that include honeybell oranges can be created for many different occasions. You might consider creating a fountain of different juices. Honeybell oranges are quite sweet and juicy, so the juice you extract from these fruits will make for a tasty treat, even for those who do not care for ordinary orange juice. Grapefruit juice is also a popular and refreshing choice for a drink fountain. Drink fountains make lovely additions to any kind of centerpiece as well as making it easier for guests to obtain drinks. While most people tend to use them for alcoholic beverages, you can certainly use them for any drink of your choice.

The key to dressing up your table is mixing Honeywell oranges with a variety of different colored fruits. You don't want to use the same or similar colors because you will not obtain the same effect. The colors you choose will vary with the season and will also depend upon the occasion. Some dinner parties are more likely to require tamer colors than others, so you will have to plan according to the occasion. You also want to keep in mind you can choose fruit arrangements in various shapes to suit the occasion as well.

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