Does The Grapefruit Diet Plan Really Work?

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One of the very first fad diets, the Grapefruit Diet Plan was introduced way back in 1930. At the time, nutritionists knew next to nothing about why some foods are better at burning calories than others. As a result, it was theorized that grapefruit contained a special fat-burning enzyme that magically melted the pounds away. Not surprisingly, that enzyme has never been found! Even so, the Grapefruit Diet Plan remains a popular choice for folks who want to lose weight fast.

Why grapefruit?

You must remember that at the time the grapefruit was a fairly new, exotic fruit. It could not be found in most supermarkets, which gave it an element of mystery. Most people had never even tasted one, making them more likely to buy into the claims made by the creators of the Grapefruit Diet Plan. In the decades that followed, the plan was revived several times, particularly in the 1970s. It has since gained a new, devoted audience on the Internet, where it remains one of the most searched for diets.

Is there any truth to it?

Although there is absolutely no evidence that grapefruit burns fat, several studies have confirmed that they tend to keep dieters fuller for longer. Once again, researchers don't know why this is. Some experts speculate that grapefruit literally leaves a bad taste in peoples' mouths, making them less likely to eat. But whatever the reason, grapefruit is undoubtedly healthy. The real question is– should we eat them several times a day?

About The Plan

There are many variations, but the standard one entails eating half a grapefruit before each meal. f dieters can do this for 12 days, they can expect to lose up to 10 pounds; at least according to the plan. Of course, they must also follow a strict diet that requires a substantial reduction of their daily caloric consumption. To do so, they must cut back on most sugars and carbohydrates, including potatoes, breads, pastas, and rice. For snacks and main meals, the emphasis is always on lean proteins and foods that contain healthy fats.

The results?

Like most diets, the Grapefruit Diet Plan won't work for everyone. Some folks have achieved spectacular results, while others swear it's a sham. At the end of the day, it really depends on how faithful you are to the plan, and whether or not you like grapefruit, of course.

Caveat Emptor

We would be remiss if we did not warn dieters to stay away from Grapefruit Diet Plans that require cutting their caloric intake too drastically. In a recent search, we discovered more than a few plans that restrict intake to just 800 calories a day. That is an unhealthy daily level that could rob you of energy and put your body into starvation mode. We suggest sticking with diets that cut calories, but not to that potentially dangerous level.

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