Create an Edible Arrangement with Red Grapefruit

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A grapefruit cut in half.

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Whether it's party time or time to send a gift, you can choose an edible arrangement that includes red grapefruit. Even if you aren't sure about the tastes of the person to whom you are sending the gift, you can still create an edible arrangement with small pieces of red grapefruit. The only occasion under which this would not be a good idea would be if the intended recipient had health conditions that preclude him or her from consuming any kind of grapefruit. Under those conditions you might still use the red grapefruit as part of your edible arrangement but inform the recipient so he or she can be prepared to share those fruits that have dietary restrictions.

No matter what time of year it may be you can find red grapefruit to add to your edible arrangement. Like other citrus fruits, you can add food coloring in order to make the red grapefruit blend in with the theme of your arrangement. Whether you want to be patriotic, funny or just creative makes no difference; the designs are restricted only by the creativity of the creator. Certainly if you are ordering from a vendor you may not have as many choices, but when you do your own creating, food coloring and various dips can produce some wonderfully appetizing results.

When you are creating an edible arrangement, one of the things you can do, especially for those who indicate they are not big fans of red grapefruit, is to dip some slices in chocolate and food coloring to match the theme. For those who happen to be fans of chocolate, the taste of the chocolate will overpower the taste of the red grapefruit; thus, your recipient will reap the benefits of the red grapefruit while enjoying their favorite sweet flavor at the same time. You don't want to try this on those who are unable to consume red grapefruit for health conditions but only for those who are reluctant to eat this sour and bitter citrus fruit.

If you are attempting to attract children to red grapefruit, creating a design with the grapefruit by dipping into chocolate or another flavor can be very attractive. Children will often be drawn to the shape rather than the taste that may be inside. Look at the stores–how often has a child been drawn to a can of soup simply because it has Dora the Explorer or another cartoon character? There is no difference in the taste, but the child is drawn to the fact it displays a cartoon character on the product.

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