Brighten Up Your Fruit Basket with Honeybell Oranges

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There are many different kinds of oranges, and it always makes for a better taste to add something different. Honeybell oranges are very sweet and juicy compared to regular oranges and are not available for purchase before the month of January. Honeybell oranges are not really oranges at all but a cross between the Darcy tangerine and the Duncan or Bowen grapefruit. Another name for honeybell oranges is Minneola tangelos. Honeybell oranges have gained their solid reputation for goodness because of their sweetness, juiciness and scarcity.

The hybridization process that breeds this particular citrus fruit is believed to date as far as the ancient Orient. The process creates a variety of tangelo that is the color and size of a grapefruit but is sweet and juicy like a tangerine. Honeybell oranges certainly make for a different taste and add to the variety of fruits one might include in a fruit basket. After all, the key is choosing fruits that are not only tasty but also of high quality. At the same time adding honeybell oranges will add something to a fruit basket that the recipient may not ordinarily eat–or even be able to find since honeybell oranges are somewhat scarce.

Even if you are making a basket with only a few selections, you can choose honeybell oranges to provide a different taste than the other fruits in the basket. They will still fit in well with bananas, strawberries, grapes and any other fruits you choose to include. They can make a welcome change from the ordinary Navel orange or tangerine that most people include in fruit baskets. Providing a little more variety helps add some spark to what would be an ordinary fruit basket; honeybell oranges add that little something that you don't always find.

The only real problem with honeybell oranges is their timeliness. These are not fruits one usually finds in the middle of spring or summer but rather they are winter fruits. This is a fact one must keep in mind when ordering fruit baskets; you want to choose the right season to include honeybell oranges in your fruit baskets. Of course, while we would classify them as winter fruit, if you are living in a warm climate, January may not necessarily bring winter weather. Their juiciness makes honeybell oranges a perfect addition to any fruit basket and even as an addition for a fruit arrangement.

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