Benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil

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grapefruit2.jpgGrapefruit peel possesses aromatherapy qualities which often are in the form of grapefruit essential oil. Grapefruit essential oil is produced by cold pressing grapefruit peel from trees that are native to Brazil, Israel and California. Two of the most important facts about the grapefruit peel essential oil is it does not irritate the skin and contains no toxic substances. On the downside, this essential oil oxidizes quickly, so it does not have a very long shelf life. It is also possible the short shelf life may contribute to its inability to cause skin irritation; quite often people use products whose shelf life has expired without realizing this in itself can irritate the skin.

Essential oil that is derived from grapefruit oil naturally disinfects the air in any room and when you apply it to household objects. One easy way to accomplish this is to place a few drops of grapefruit peel essential oil into a diffuser so it will be able to permeate throughout the room as it vaporizes. This will allow the oil to disinfect anything with which it comes into contact while also providing a fresh natural scent in the room. You can also use grapefruit oil in the form of a cleaning spray to naturally clean your household items.

Grapefruit peel oil also contains mood altering properties that are beneficial to people both mentally and emotionally. On the other hand, aromatherapists do not recognize the benefits of grapefruit oil in inducing positive mental and emotional affects. They do, however, recommend grapefruit peel oil to treat people who are feeling down in the dumps or are suffering from Seasonal Affect Disorder. It works best when you place it into a diffuser; the oil will provide a mental lift as its fresh citrus scent permeates through the air.

Grapefruit peel essential oil is also beneficial as a muscle relaxer for relieving stiffness and soreness after exercise or athletics. Anyone who routinely stresses their muscles such as athletes and dancers can benefit immensely by using grapefruit oil to help them relieve the sore muscles and prepare for their next activity. It is also beneficial to the skin and helps clear oily skin and treat acne. The best way to accomplish these tasks is to include essential grapefruit peel oil in toners and other lotions that people ordinarily use to treat skin conditions or to simply maintain healthy skin.

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