Adding Grapefruit Peel to a Fruit Basket or Edible Arrangement

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grapefruit.jpgWhen you're attempting to give a healthy gift in the form of a fruit basket or edible arrangement, you certainly don't want to leave out grapefruit peel. That doesn't mean you have to peel the grapefruit and put the peel into the basket or arrangement without doing something to make it attractive or tasty. For instance, you can peel the grapefruit and add candied grapefruit peel to the basket or arrangement. Of course, you will take away slightly from the healthy aspect of the grapefruit peel, but since everything else is healthy, you will not risk very much by adding candied grapefruit peel. In addition, if you make the candied grapefruit peel with artificial sweetener, you will still have a healthy snack for your fruit basket or arrangement.

If you are providing a fruit bowl for guests or family members, you can sprinkle some grated grapefruit peel over the fruit. This works best if you are maintaining the juice from the other fruits because you will be able to mix the grated grapefruit peel into the rest of the fruit mixture. Tropical fruit and citrus fruit salads are perfect choices when you want to add grated citrus peel from grapefruit, oranges and even lemons. You can either include the peel as it comes from the fruit or sweeten it with sugar to give it more appeal to the guests.

You have a wide selection of ways to add grapefruit peel in edible arrangements. You can add the candied grapefruit we mentioned previously or you can dip the peel into chocolate or another flavor. The only thing you want to remember is you will need to boil the peel first (which you do anyway when you make candied grapefruit peel) in order to remove the bitterness. Of course, you can also dip the peel and serve it as a combination of sweet and sour for those who may be attracted to the two different tastes–on the order of a sweet and sour mixture.

There is no limit in the number of ways you can serve grapefruit peel in a fruit basket or edible arrangement. You only need to be creative and determine what you want to do. Maybe you want to take the grapefruit peel and cut it into a design to fit a particular occasion–maybe a heart for Valentine's Day or a Christmas tree for Christmas. The design choice is entirely up to the person preparing and giving the fruit basket or arrangement.

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