Add Some Zest to Your Salad with Red Grapefruit

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There are many different ingredients you can include in your salads, not the least of which includes red grapefruit. It doesn't have to be a fruit salad to include some slices of different citrus fruits; the salad is your creation, so you can include anything that appeals to you. Quite often you will find salads that are comprised of a combination of fruits and vegetables including red grapefruit. Since grapefruit itself is a combination of sour and bitter, it is more appropriate for a garden salad than sweeter varieties such as oranges, bananas, apples and the like.

While you are creating a tasty selection of fruits and vegetables, the addition of red grapefruit will add some additional zest as well as added nutrition. The choice of what to add to your salad is a personal selection, but there is no reason not to add fruit even to a garden salad–after all, some people add a small selection of vegetables to some of their fruit salads! Choosing to add a few sections of red grapefruit to any kind of salad is only going to substantially increase its nutritional value and ultimately its health benefits.

Fruit salads are great places to enjoy red grapefruit, especially citrus salad creations that can include anything of your choosing. If you look on the shelves in the grocery store you will discover citrus salads that even include pineapples and bananas. Adding some red grapefruit to any salad, garden or fruit, will add to its nutritional value. The addition of red grapefruit will also add fat-burning enzymes and help you lose weight or maintain your current weight. There are some who dispute these claims, but they can not dispute the nutritional value that all citrus fruits contain, one of which is an abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants that have cancer-fighting properties.

What kind of ingredients you include in your salads will determine how healthy they are for you and your diet. Many people tend to think of a salad in terms of macaroni salad, potato salad and the like, and while those may taste good on the outside, they are not healthy for consumption on a regular basis; they can also kill the effects of a good diet. Even eating red grapefruit in a canned variety can be bad for you since most fruit that is already prepared includes sugar or corn syrup. For the best results stay with fresh fruit and make your own mixtures from the natural juice the fruits contain.

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