Add Red Grapefruit to Pre-Dinner Party Appetizers

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Grapefruit and Aloe juice.

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When you go to a party or wedding reception you will usually find various types of appetizers that precede the meal. At many formal and informal gatherings you will find some type of fruit cup on the table. When you are preparing the fruit cups for your function, you can add red grapefruit to anything else you may be including. It makes it much easier to add fruit cups to the table than to attempt to place a bowl of fruit on every table–this is especially true if you are hosting an affair with a large number of guests.

Since it is unlikely you will cater to individual tastes when you are hosting a large gathering, it is a better idea to purchase fresh fruit of various types then slice and combine everything into one bowl. When you are finished you can moisten it with red grapefruit juice and refrigerate the entire mixture until you are ready to put it into serving dishes. You will be able to keep your guests contented until you are ready to serve the soup and/or salad course with a generous serving of red grapefruit and other delectable fruit selections.

If you don't plan to serve fruit cups but still want to provide your guests with something until the soup and/or salad course is ready to serve, you can choose instead to provide your guests with a glass of red grapefruit juice. You will not only be providing them with something healthy to precede what is likely to be a very high calorie meal, but you will also be providing them with something cold to drink other than water or alcoholic beverages. In that way you will be providing your guests with an option which they can accept or decline–no one has to eat or drink any of the pre-meal selections you place on the table including red grapefruit slices or red grapefruit juice.

You do not have to limit fruit cups containing red grapefruit to dinner parties or formal occasions by any means. You can serve these healthy and delectable appetizers any time you serve a meal–or just as a snack item for your family or friend. Those who are watching what they eat will appreciate not having to choose between a piece of fruit and a high-calorie dessert–if it is not there for them to see, they are less likely to want it. For those on a budget, red grapefruit fruit cups are less expensive to purchase or make than their higher calorie alternatives.

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