3 Reasons why is it good to Ship Grapefruit to an Expectant Mother

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grapefruit25.jpgOver the years, many myths about grapefruit have emerged and some of these myths advice women to stay away from this fruit. Of course these are just myths so far, there are no studies saying that grapefruit is bad for healthy expectant mothers who are not allergic to citrus fruits. Generally, grapefruit is healthy and it is even recommended by doctors to pregnant women so it is perfectly alright to ship grapefruit to someone who is pregnant. In fact, you may even be doing her a favor if you ship grapefruit to her regularly.

Why is it good to ship grapefruit to an expectant mother? Grapefruit contains vitamins and minerals that are essential to keep the fetus and the expectant mother healthy. The vitamin B complex found in grapefruit can help promote healthy cell growth and division, enhance the functions of the nervous system and help build a stronger immune system. B complex promotes red blood cells growth and division so when you ship grapefruit to a pregnant woman; you actually help that person, fight off anemia and fatigue related to inefficient formation of red blood cells. Also Vitamin B(9) which also known as folic acid is essential for the proper neural development of the fetus so if you want someone's baby to become smart, you should ship grapefruit to that person.

Aside from aiding in proper cell division and neural development, when consumed from food and not from synthetic pills, Vitamin B complex can help prevent certain types of cancer such as stomach and pancreatic cancer. As it is, eating grapefruit and other citrus fruits that are loaded with vitamin B complex can help ward off these deadly diseases.

Like most types of fruits and vegetables, grapefruit contains plenty of fiber which can help promote proper digestion and regular bowel movement. Pregnant women who are prone to indigestion and irritable bowel movement can benefit much from high fiber content of this fruit. If you have a friend who is pregnant, you will definitely do her a favor if you ship grapefruit to her regularly throughout her pregnancy. Not only will this fruit help keep an expectant mother stay healthy, it can also ward off certain discomforts such as constipation and indigestion.

Should all pregnant women eat grapefruit? Although grapefruit is beneficial to most pregnant women, it may cause allergic reactions in others. Yes, there are people who are allergic to this type of fruit so if you know someone who is prone to allergies, you should think twice before you ship grapefruit to her. Remember that allergies can be very harmful especially to pregnant women so unless you are sure that your friend does not have any allergic reactions to citrus fruits, you should not attempt to ship grapefruit to that person.

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